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When you need gas repairs, inspections or installations you can rely on Unicorn 2000 to be there.

In England, it is required to notify Local Authorities when a heating appliance is installed in a private property intended to cover tenancy. Building Regulations and Gas Safe rules also state that a landlord is obliged to have every gas supply, boiler, gas fittings, appliance and pipework in their property checked annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer. This responsibility applies while renting both long and short term.
Appliances that comply with Building Regulations can be notified to LA through Gas Safe Register. In consequence, both landlord and tenants will obtain the necessary gas certificate which they should keep in a safe place. Landlord responsibility is also to ensure all the gas appliances and fittings are maintained and serviced properly. This is crucial as any failure can have very serious consequences, for instance carbon monoxide poisoning.
Our company offers Gas Safety checks prior and during tenancy done by Gas Safe registered engineers. We carry out installation and necessary tests of appliances producing heat in the property and then issue the CP12 certificate. We also carry out checks prior to private property purchases. Apart from obligatory annual checks we are likewise available to perform additional safety inspections to ensure gas appliances and fittings are working properly without causing any risk.


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London Boiler Service

A boiler for your house is like a heart for a human. The entire central and water heating system in your house is dependent on the boiler`s work. Therefore, it must work properly all the time to provide your house with hot water whenever you need it. A regular maintenance and service is necessary to avoid any malfunction and keep your dwelling-place at the highest safety level. So, if you are looking for an experienced engineer to carry out any MEGAFLO or boiler-connected work, you have just found the professionals. Unicorn 2000 Ltd – London Boiler Service offers a wide variety of services to improve your water & gas installations efficiency, lower running costs, repair your system and increase its safety.

Gas Installations

Every home needs a cooker, oven, hob or boiler working correctly and being ready to use at any time. It`s the basic standard of living and running a house. All of those gas appliances must be installed by a Gas Safe Registered engineer by law to ensure that they are fitted correctly. As professionals, we advise everyone not to DIY with gas because mistakes are expensive and could cost you your life. Our experienced engineers have the appropriate qualifications to fulfil all your requests connected with any gas services. We provide both: domestic and commercial gas services in all of the Greater London area, that includes: new installations, repairs, maintenance, certificates and annual check. Everything is done safely & legally and we take full responsibility for our work. We also offer an emergency gas service in London 24 hours a day. Check our emergency service here.

Gas Safety Certificates

The Gas Safety Certificate is an important document which approves the gas system in your property is safely & legally installed and meets the Gas Safe requirements. The law imposes that you must have your gas installation checked every year only by a Gas Safety registered engineer. These rules must be strictly obeyed and a neglect of any of them may considerably influence your budget and put your health at risk. So if you want to stay safe and enjoy the peace of mind call us and our well trained and specialized (Gas Safe registered) engineers will carry out all the necessary measures to check your installation`s safety and provide you with a Gas Safe or Landlord Certificate. If your system does not meet the requirements, it will be fixed allowing you to obtain the Certificate immediately.


Keep your boiler running safely with a professional safety inspection and service performed by a Gas Safe Registered engineer (formerly known as Corgi).