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Check our Boiler Repair Services. Boiler Repair, Boiler Installation & much more in St. Albans and other districts.

Boiler Repair St. Albans

Having a faulty boiler is no fun, so when it comes to quick, efficient boiler repairs in St. Albans, we’re here to help. Whether it’s the heating of your home, or keeping the hot water flowing, we know how important it is to have a boiler repair company in St Albans that you can trust and rely on. From our residential to commercial boiler repair services anywhere in St. Albans, we offer service that is cost-efficient, professional, and guaranteed to keep our customers happy. With a team of fully accredited, expertly trained engineers, we are able to offer boiler installation for a wide range of makes and models. Each of our professionals are Gas Safe Accredited, meaning you can rest assured that your boiler installation, and any boiler repair work is both guaranteed and completed by real experts. When it comes to boiler repairs across St Albans, we’re here to help you.

Boiler Installation St. Albans

Getting the right boiler, and the most professional boiler installation St. Albans has to offer is easier than ever, thanks to our quick and efficient service. Thanks to a team of Gas-Safe Accredited engineers, who can work with makes and models from Worcester to Valliant and more, you are guaranteed to get a boiler installation service that will deliver what you need. Our professional and trusted services ensure that your home or business is fitted with a reliable system, with fully guaranteed work, making us your go to boiler installation company in St. Albans. Whether you have a residential project, or commercial premises in need of a boiler installation in St Albans, our experts can guide you, making sure you get the right boiler installation to suit your requirements. Thanks to our dedicated customer service, we are a trusted boiler installation company in St. Albans, here to keep our customers warm.

Why should you service your boiler?
The Reasons why your Boiler Repair & Service in St. Albans is important

Everyone in St. Albans deserve a quality boiler service, ensuring homes are safe and energy bills are efficient.
So why would you need to get a boiler serviced when you don’t think there’s anything wrong? That’s what our boiler service engineers are here to tell the good people of St.Albans.

Safety, Savings, Service

When push comes to shove, people need to get regular boiler service for many reasons. First and foremost, safety matters. As our boiler repair and boiler installation experience has taught us, people like the guarantee that their household heating and water is running safely and smoothly. From the boiler installation itself to later boiler repair, the regular boiler service is the key to saving money on energy bills, as well as staving off the stress of an emergency boiler repair, or even a boiler replacement, which is not where any of our St.Albans customers want to end up. Our experienced boiler service and boiler installation teams can explain all the benefits of keeping your boiler serviced, carefully mapping out the direct benefits to both your costs and your safety. With guaranteed results, we offer St.Albans customers boiler service they can rely on. Every time.

Signs you need Boiler Repair or Replacement St. Albans

When it comes to boiler repair or boiler installation in St. Albans, it’s not always a simple answer, but we’re here to help you make the best decisions. Maintained well, and with regular boiler repair service, a boiler can work efficiently and properly for many, many years. With the right maintenance, energy costs can be kept down, and peace of mind for you and your home can be enjoyed. Our boiler repair service in St Albans is designed to be cost-effective, and keep your system as up to date with technology as it will allow. If you’re looking for a new system for your home, or an upgrade, our engineers look to deliver boiler installation in St. Albans that maximises efficiency, and ensures that your boiler is fitted to last. Using top quality brands, and dedicated professionals, our boiler installation in St. Albans are guaranteed, keeping customers’ homes warm and efficient.

Boiler Repair, Boiler Installation St. Albans?
Check short tips for keeping your boiler in tip-top condition in St. Albans!

Keeping Things Clean,
Making Things Efficient

As a trusted boiler service company in St. Albans, we love to share tips about keeping boilers in excellent working condition.

With so much to consider with boiler service in St Albans, with so many different client needs, one of our favourite tips to share is telling customers that when your boiler is clean, your boiler is more efficient, and your boiler stays reliable for longer. It’s that simple.

As any boiler repair company in St. Albans will likely tell you, when a customer gets a regular and thorough boiler service in St Albans, they will be the customers who know the tips for keeping their boiler system working well.

Another tip for boiler service and maintenance is all about checking the soot. Cleaned correctly, this will maximise your boiler combustion efficiency, another reason why regular boiler service is so important.

Maintaining Critical

We have plenty of tips for keeping boilers clean. One of the most important is to get boiler service in St Albans that guarantees you have properly plugged systems, one of the critical elements of any boiler service checklist.

With so many tips for boiler service and keeping a boiler in top condition,let’s take a look at a few more: ensuring a good connection, checking the gas pipes, and as our boiler service in St. Albans demonstrates, checking the incoming and outgoing water connections cannot be forgotten

Radiators Need

Stopping or releasging accumulated air inside a radiator is an essential element of any boiler service in St. Albans. One of our tips for optimizing your system is bleeding radiators, being careful to do so slowly and carefully, as any boiler service professional in St Albans will tell you.

Another tip would be to twist the purging valve gradually, slowly, and carefully, something our boiler service and boiler repair in St Albans always achieves.

What we do for Boiler Repair & Boiler Installation Service in St Albans

For a reliable boiler repair in St. Albans, a visual check to ensure that your boiler is installed and located as it should be is the starting point. Our experienced boiler service engineers all across St Albans are fully trained and accredited to undertake a boiler service that involves removing the unit casing to check components and parts. Any and each boiler service in St Albans properties should include a check for efficiency and workings.

St. Albans Boiler Service Engineers Checks Include:

  • Gas pressure and flow for any boiler service
  • Flue and combustion, where a flue gas analyser is used to ensure the boiler is burning the right gas/air mixture, and that the flue is not blocked
  • Boiler service checks for clean/good condition electrical connections
  • Key component efficiency checks including fans
  • Boiler checked for intact seals
  • Condition checks for electrodes
  • Boiler service includes thorough safety device checks.
  • Condensate trap and pipe checked for blockages
  • Water and gas pipework checks

Our boiler repair services customers in St. Albans will receive a service report after completion of the work. This boiler service or boiler installation document must only be signed when the client is fully and completely satisfied with service received.

Contact our boiler installation and boiler repair experts today to discuss our full range of maintenance and support plans for boiler service, boiler repair, and emergency boiler repair in St. Albans helping us to help you keep your boiler in tip top condition.


As one of the most trusted and reliable boiler installation company names in St. Albans, Unicorn offers guaranteed work and delivers satisfied customers. . From the very start of our customer contact, our boiler installation and boiler service in St. Albans is professional and polite. Our boiler installation team in St Albans will arrange an inspection visit at a time that works for you to discuss your needs. All our boiler installation jobs in St.Alba are planned carefully, to cause minimum disruption to customers, delivering the boiler service that they need.

Our boiler installation service in St. Albans includes a no-obligation quote for customers to consider before agreeing an installation date. Our boiler installation, boiler replacement, and boiler repair projects in and around St. Albans are done by trained professionals, without exception, setting industry standards for customer service.

New Boiler Installation Options

Unicorn is a boiler installation company in St. Albans boasting years of professional experience for boiler installation, boiler repair, emergency boiler repair and all other boiler service across St. Albans. We continue to offer a wide range of product choices including gas, oil, and combi, boilers. All our boiler services in St. Albans keep customer preferences as our focus. Our boiler engineer teams in St. Albans always work carefully and closely with clients, making sure that we identify and recommend a brand or model that works for the needs of your St. Albans property, maximising results as performance.

Boiler Installation St. Albans

Using our extensive experience, product knowledge, and boiler service expertise has ensured that Unicorn offers a wide and extensive range of boiler installation services and boiler repair to St. Albans clients. Whether it’s emergency boiler repair in your St. Albans cottage, or a much needed boiler repair or replacement, we are here to take the stress out of the boiler service situation.
As you will soon discover, your boiler installation, boiler repair, or boiler replacement work will always be done by one of Unicorn’s experienced boiler engineers. Whether you need boiler installation, boiler repair, or any of our boiler service in St. Albans, satisfaction is our guarantee, that’s the Unicorn promise.

Professional Boiler Installation Support in St. Albans

When it comes to boiler installation at your St.Albans home, Unicorn is on hand to offer professional and cost effective services, without exception. Whether a new boiler installation or boiler repair, St. Albans customers get the benefits of our expert advice about the most energy efficient system that will maximise results and minimize costs.

Put simply, when you get a boiler installation at your St. Albans home, it has to be done properly and professionally. At Unicorn, we are proud to offer professional support for all our boiler installation work, as well as any important boiler repair work at your St. Albans how to give you peace of mind and a safety guarantee. A professionally done and guranteed boiler installation can help avoid costly boiler repair at your St.Albans home at a later stage.

As well as our trusted boiler installation work in St.Albans, we also offer advice on the best brand for your requirements, with energy efficiency guiding each boiler installation for bespoke results. Contact us today for boiler installation work in St. Albans.