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Boiler Repair Battersea

Minor boiler repairs can grow into significant issues if they are not handled by a professional and experienced industrial boiler company. Our boiler repair in Battersea has years of experience and service. We can meet the requirements and needs of the most complex boiler systems in Battersea. No matter how small or complex the boiler problem is, our boiler repair engineers in Battersea are fully registered with gas safe and prepared to finish boiler repair on site. With our boiler repair in Battersea, you can rest assured that the job will be done right the first time, every time. Accredited, and we have decades of experience with different industrial boilers. Our qualified boiler repair in Battersea will give you a fair assessment of your boiler’s remaining life and health. If repair is no longer available, our boiler installation in Battersea will provide you with a peace of mind with our guaranteed work. Whether it is an old boiler repair, a new model boiler repair will give you a tailored-made solution for your project. Call us today!

Boiler Installation Battersea

The boiler is one of the most important investments that you will make in your home. That is why it is crucial to find an engineer that’s not only reliable and professional but also fully qualified to carry out the job. No need to look for another company, our team of experienced boiler installation engineers in Battersea are accredited and gas safe registered. Our boiler installation in Battersea has been in the business for years, so we can get your boiler installed efficiently and as quickly as we can. We’re proud to say that we’ve managed to find a solution to every customer that we’ve served in Battersea. Our helpful and friendly engineers can work with a wide range of brands, including Valliant, Worcester, and Ideal. If you are not sure which boiler is right for your home, our boiler installation team in Battersea is more than happy to help you out. We have installed many boilers, so we know which one is best for your home. To arrange your schedule or to know more about our boiler installation services in Battersea, get in touch with us today.

Why should you service your boiler?
The Reasons why your Boiler Repair & Service in Battersea is important

Getting your boiler repaired is much more important that you may think.
When we talk to our boiler repair customers in Battersea, we always explain the reasons why.

Safety First

When it comes to boiler repair and boiler installation services in Battersea, nothing is more crucial to us than your safety. Keeping your boiler in good working order is one way of ensuring that your home, and everyone who lives there is safe. With our ongoing, and full boiler service available across Battersea, we can offer this peace of mind, with a guarantee of quality results. From a regular boiler service to emergency boiler repair, our dedicated and accredited teams will deliver what you need, when you need it.

Save Time, Save Money, Save Hassle

Although safety comes first, your boiler installation and boiler repair services have plenty more benefits. As our customers in Battersea already know, after a boiler installation comes boiler service. In short, if your boiler is maintained, you’ll save time on boiler repairs, and money on all the work that comes with an emergency boiler repair. Just like your own health, the health of your boiler, and your boiler installation work, makes all the difference.

Signs you need Boiler Repair or Replacement Battersea

When it comes to boiler repair in Battersea, it’s all about maintenance. Our boiler repair teams in Battersea know that boilers can be in good working order for up to years, but not without regular servicing and ongoing maintenance. Not only do our boiler repair services in Battersea give you peace of mind that your boiler will not let you down, they are also designed to save you money as well as stress. When you get a boiler installation in Battersea, you want not just a reliable brand, but also service you can trust. That’s where we come in. Our expert engineers can offer honest and trusted advice. Whether it’s boiler installation or boiler repair you need in your Battersea property, we can ensure that you’ll get the replacement you require, or the repair that can keep your boiler going for longer.

Boiler Repair, Boiler Installation Battersea?
Check short tips for keeping your boiler in tip-top condition!

for Efficiency

Put simply, when your boiler is clean, it will be more efficient and reliable. As a boiler repair company in Battersea, we ensure that customers get the most thorough boiler service in Battersea.

Checking the soot is critical, as too much can hamper combustion, another reason regular boiler service is important.

Connected and
Content Boilers

Connected correctly boilers are content boilers, as our years of boiler repair service in Battersea continues to show.

Plugging things properly, ensuring a good connection, and checking the gas pipes and the incoming and outgoing water connections, all part of what a boiler service in Battersea should be about.


Accumulated air inside a radiator is something a boiler service in Battersea should remedy, optimizing your system. Being careful not to soak your carpet, little by little twist the purging valve for all the

Boiler Repair & Boiler Installation Service in Battersea: What to expect.

When it comes to boiler repair in Battersea, it starts with a visual check to ensure that your boiler is installed and located as it should be. As our boiler service engineers in Battersea all know, the boiler service then involves removing the unit casing to check components and parts. At this stage, any boiler service should include a check for efficiency and workings.

Boiler Service Engineers Check Includes:

  • Gas Pressure and Flow Levels
  • Flue and combustion boiler service:.Flue gas analyser used to make sure the boiler is burning the right mixture of gas and air and that the flue is not blocked
  • Boiler Service to check electrical connections are clean and in good condition
  • Maintaining fan and key components for efficiency
  • Making sure seals are intact
  • Boiler Service to check condition of Electrodes
  • All safety devices checked
  • Condensate trap and pipe checked for blockage
  • Water and gas pipework boiler service

For any boiler service or boler repair, a qualified engineer can inform you if the boiler fails to meet building and safety regulations. As a customer, you should ensure that any boiler service in your Battersea property includes explanations from the engineer about boiler repairs or maintenance work, all of which should include parts from accredited manufacturers.

With all boiler service in Battersea, a full report should be provided shortly after the work has been completed, which should be signed by you only if you are satisfied with your boiler service. Our award winning boiler service teams across Battersea can help you keep your boiler in top condition, so contact us to discuss our boiler service options in Battersea.


Choosing Unicorn for your boiler installation in Battersea ensures that one of our boiler engineer team will be with you on a day and at the time that suits you. Before a boiler installation in Battersea, we’ll conduct a full inspection, discuss all your options and give you the choices of which boiler installation will work for your Battersea property.

With a boiler installation quote provided, we’ll finalize the boiler installation date. Each of our boiler installation projects in Battersea is completed by trained and experienced boiler engineer professionals, with professionalism at every part of the project. Causing minimal disruption, our boiler service work in Battersea is customer friendly and guranteed to please.

New Boiler Installation Options

Using our years of industry experience and knowledge, we are able to offer boiler installation in Battersea that gives customers a range of options. Gas, oil, and combi, our boiler installations in Battersea are designed to deliver what your particular home needs. Whatever brand of model you prefer, and we’ll do a boiler installation in your Battersea home that is guranteed and reliable.

Boiler Installation in Battersea

With our boiler installation service in Battersea, we pride ourselves on standing above our competitors. Our highly dedicated and experienced boiler engineer team in Battersea is only satisfied with full customer satisfaction, whether a boiler installation or boiler repair job, perfection is their goal. Unicorn offers industry leading boiler service, that’s our guarantee.

Professional Boiler Installation Support in Battersea

If you need top class boiler installation at your Battersea home, getting professionals on the job is the best way to do it. As well as boiler repair safety guarantees and energy efficient system advice, our boiler installation service in Battersea delivers customer satisfaction at a great price.

When it comes to boiler installation work at your Battersea property, it simply has to be done properly, which is what Unicorn guarantees. Whatever the boiler repair may be, our professional support for that and any boiler installation work in Battersea properties is designed to meet the highest safety standards and give total peace of mind to each of our customers.

Regular boiler repair in Battersea can also help avoid more expensive boiler repair issues if done promptly and with a good boiler installation.

Our boiler installation service in Battersea also includes advice about the energy requirements of your home, as all our boiler repair and boiler installation work in Battersea is based around your individual property needs. Contact us today for boiler repair and boiler installation in Battersea.